Student Aid Portal

Welcome to the Elizabethtown College Student Aid Portal. This portal has been created specifically to keep you updated on your financial aid status and to assist you through the financial aid process.

You can use the Student Aid Portal to:

  • View your financial aid offer
  • Accept or decline financial aid offer 
  • View Documents received and those still outstanding
  • View Messages pertinent to your financial aid offer
  • Check the status of your student loans for the current year
  • View your student loan history

FIRST-TIME USERS: Use your Elizabethtown College Student ID listed on your award notification.  Click First Time User to set up your account.  Contact our office if you misplaced your Student ID.  For federal privacy regulation reasons, Student IDs are reissued to the student ONLY.

RETURNING STUDENTS: If you have logged into the Student Aid Portal on a prior occasion, you are a returning user.  If you have forgotten your password or have not logged in within the last 180 days, click "Forgot your Password".  Do not use a previous password to reset.  Please contact our office at 717-361-1404 if you need assistance.

Password and security questions answers are case sensitive, and should be entered exactly as when account was first created.

Please Note:  To ensure system security, you may be prompted to change your Student Aid Portal password to conform to the mandatory password character requirements as stipulated below:

  • Upper and lower case
  • Numbers
  • Special Characters  !@#$%^&”()
  • Minimum of 9 characters

After logging out of the Student Aid Portal, you must close the browser to regain access. 


 Recommended Internet Browsers
  • Internet Explorer 11 (in an 8.1 environment only)
  • Microsoft Edge (in a Windows 10 environment only)
  • Firefox® (the most recent version)
  • Google Chrome™ (the most recent version)
  • Safari for Macintosh (on a Macintosh). 



The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required for all applicants interested in receiving financial aid. 

Elizabethtown College's federal school code is 003262.

  • Dependent students: the student and at least once parent will each need their own FSA ID to complete the FAFSA.
  • Independent students: the student will need an FSA ID to complete the FAFSA.

Traditional Undergraduate Students

 For maximum consideration for need-based financial aid, apply by March 15th.

Traditional 4+1 Graduate (Fifth Year), OTD and BS/MPAS Students

Please refer to the financial aid handbook for additional financial aid information.  

SGPS Students

Please refer to for additional financial aid information.